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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Come Join Are Fan League Now!

If your a football lover come join our league for our fans, just create a account and then log on and go to Fantasy and games and click the subtitle of fantasy football then go to leagues and press join/create league and type in this code HWY-R8X and it should show up with this league GoingfortheextrapointLeague and then just simply press join this mini league and then your in. You can then go to My team and make your team and try to beat every other fan in the league depending on how many points you get. The rules will all be explained on the site so go now it will be so much fun, Anyway, Enjoy

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fantasy Draft Picks: Defense

Number 5: Lions
Number 4: Giants
Number 3: Colts
Number 2: Bears
Number 1: Packers 

Fantasy Draft Picks: Kickers

Number 5: Ryan Longwell
Number 4: Nate Kaeding
Number 3: Stephen Gostkowski
Number 2: Mason Crosby
Number 1: David Akers

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fantasy Draft Picks: Tight Ends

Number 5: Mercedes Lewis
Number 4: Jordy Nelson
Number 3: Todd Heap
Number 2: Antonio Gates
Number 1: Rob Gronkowski

Fantasy Draft Picks: Wide Receivers

Number 10: Dwayne Bowe
Number 9: Greg Jennings
Number 8: Larry Fitzgerald
Number 7: Reggie Wayne
Number 6: Andre Johnson
Number 5: DeSean Jackson
Number 4: Roddy White
Number 3: Braylon Edwards
Number 2: Sidney Rice
Number 1: Calvin Johnson

Fantasy Draft Picks: Running Backs

Number 10: Reggie Bush
Number 9: Frank Gore
Number 8: DeAngelo Williams
Number 7: Maurice Jones - Drew
Number 6: Peyton Hillis
Number 5: Adrian Peterson
Number 4: LaGarrette Blount
Number 3: Chris Johnson
Number 2: Arian Foster
Number 1: Ray Rice

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fantasy Draft Options For Season 2012

If you ask us these are our top fantasy draft picks for this year.

The top 5 Quarterbacks

5: Philip Rivers

The only thing Philip Rivers lacks from being the number one Quarterback in the NFL is a Super Bowl win. His amazing talent as Quarterback for the Chargers and the consistent accurate passes to the wide receivers is what brings to the top 5 Quarterbacks. After throwing 4710 yards and 30 touchdowns last year out of his 16 games and pulling off constant wins he is definitely a good pick for your fantasy team.

4: Michael Vick

In the previous NFL season Michael Vick Demonstrated his speed and powerful legs by scoring the Philadelphia Eagles 9 rushing touchdowns and running 676 yards. He also scored 21 passing touchdowns and 3018 yards. He as well has no Super Bowl wins but with his amazing ability to rush and throw he is definitely a great pick for your fantasy team.

3: Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is defiantly a threat to most opponent teams because of amazing ability as the Indianapolis Quarterback. Age has not worn him off because he is still fresh and with 33 touchdowns and 4700 yards he looks forwards to a great season and will also make a great pick for your fantasy football team.

2: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has defiantly surprised us last year by leading the mighty green bay packers all the way to the superbowl and winning it against the amazing Pittsburgh steelers. with 3922 yards and 28 thrown touchdowns he will probably have a great season       

1: Tom Brady 

Tom Brady is defiantly my first choice when i'm looking for my quarterbacks. he did amazingly in the previous season and with 3 superbowl wins he has an amazing past. But a new wide receiver (Chad Ochocinco) and a great pre-season he seems fired up and ready to go.